Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Comprehensive Leak Detection

Geneva Pool Service offers specialized leak detection services for swimming pools, employing a range of advanced techniques to ensure accurate and efficient identification and repair of leaks.

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Our comprehensive leak detection involves using the latest technology to pinpoint leaks in the pool’s structure, plumbing, or equipment. This includes electronic leak detection, where electronic listening devices and specialized equipment are utilized to locate leaks with minimal disruption to the pool area.

Pressure testing is another method we use, which involves testing the integrity of the pool’s plumbing system to identify any leaks in the pipes. For non-invasive leak detection, Geneva Pool Service employs dye testing, which uses a dye to reveal leaks in the pool shell, fittings, and other areas.

Once a leak is detected, we provide thorough leak repair services to address the issue and restore the pool to optimal condition, sometimes even in the same day. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance checks to prevent leaks and other problems from developing over time, ensuring that pools remain in excellent condition year-round.

A Few Examples of Our Leak Detection